Align [verb]

Definition of Align:

line up, arrange next to

Synonyms of Align:

Opposite/Antonyms of Align:

Sentence/Example of Align:

Google’s ad business isn’t as closely aligned with day-to-day domestic spending, so it’s natural to see Amazon grabbing more market share during these chaotic times.

Call me an optimist, but if corporate lobbying re-aligns around ESG, federal action on climate change would be its most consequential outcome.

You’ve got to figure out some other way to have people be aligned to work well together.

If we break out each passer’s performance by the type of coverage they faced, their performances continue to align generally in most measures.

It’s the reason fellow event planner and designer Jove Meyer also aligns his company with Instagram—he goes as far to say that the social media brand powers his business.

We have definitely seen that shoppers are voting with their dollars in terms of spending with companies that align with their values.

We hope they will revisit their collections practices and look at aligning them with the community development mission that they have long highlighted as key to their business model.

To guide companies into the future, we believe it’s critical to assemble an independent board of directors that possesses diverse backgrounds and skill sets that align with strategic business needs.

For brands, this means a shift in where they invest their marketing budgets to more closely align with their company values.

It was impossible to align the sights of his stun gun with any of those flitting shadows, Raf discovered.