Disarrange [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disarrange:

She kissed him fondly but carefully, taking care that he did not disarrange her hair or dress.

He was reproached with the affectation of scratching his head with one finger only, so that he should not disarrange his hair.

In his short life Rickie had known two sudden deaths, and that is enough to disarrange any placid outlook on the world.

I couldn't put my arms around your neck for fear I'd—er—disarrange your hair, and even that was—er—dyed!

One never knew when they would miss step, inconveniently, and so disarrange the entire social rhythm of a conversation.

They lifted the lawn veil carefully, not to disarrange her hair.

Will it disarrange things so very much if the Nadia is taken to the 'front'?

In the cab Clancy wondered if the snow that had fallen upon her hair would melt and disarrange her coiffure.

He coughed slightly, and stirred the fire with caution, as though it shaped some panorama he feared to disarrange.

He has a severe method in his religious duties that nothing is ever allowed to disarrange or in any way to interfere with.