Mess [noun]

Definition of Mess:

disorder, litter

Synonyms of Mess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mess:

Sentence/Example of Mess:

Never would I have believed that I could make such a mess of it.

Put the desks straight first; what a mess you get them into.

I then came into a district of mess halls where a meal was being served.

It's the only safe way that I can see out of this mess of a harbor we've got.

ESAU, an ancient who sold his birthright for a mess of breakfast food.

What I mean is, I'd smash up all the machines that make a mess of men an' women.

There was a mess of thick, congealing blood splashed on the road and the kerb.

Pascal, magnificently aloof, was standing in the center of the mess.

All I had to do to be clear of this mess was to walk out the door and keep going.

He got breakfast, bringing to her some of the mess he cooked.