Turmoil [noun]

Definition of Turmoil:


Synonyms of Turmoil:

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Sentence/Example of Turmoil:

Hast thou heard the saying of Gwgan, After escaping from the turmoil?

All the agitation and turmoil of the last few months seemed to fall away from him.

I have so often come to them from the heat and turmoil of controversy.

Just think of it—all that fuss and all that turmoil over something so obvious.

Then, in the turmoil of his mind, there was no thought of the girl.

The turmoil and the uproar were congenial to my vexed spirit.

London was unusually quiet after the roar and turmoil of the day.

Amid all the turmoil of his soul, the incident had arrested him.

In his life of turmoil and bloodshed he had halted to secure for her the right to a principality.

They had stood through all the turmoil as their master had long since trained them to stand.