Pandemonium [noun]

Definition of Pandemonium:

craziness, commotion

Synonyms of Pandemonium:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pandemonium:

Sentence/Example of Pandemonium:

The majesty of the law in his hands becomes at once a bludgeon and a pandemonium.

And suddenly Chet found himself alone in a pandemonium of sound.

They surrounded the bow of the boat, and then pandemonium broke loose.

It seemed that around me must be bursting a pandemonium of sound.

And so we rode into this pandemonium, not having the least idea where we were going.

Pandemonium broke loose in the smashing of glass and the thud of blows.

It is a scene like Pandemonium—a second hell, but upon the ocean.

The entire week of the first performance was nothing short of pandemonium.

A Pandemonium of shriekings and beseechings is succeeded by a stillness as of the tomb.

Salem, the habitation of peace, had become, by this time a pandemonium.