Uproar [noun]

Definition of Uproar:

commotion, pandemonium

Synonyms of Uproar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uproar:

Sentence/Example of Uproar:

Omar Ben became conscious of an uproar beyond the garden wall.

At that moment there was an uproar from the upper part of the hotel.

When last seen, the environs of the works were filled with violence and uproar.

There was a sudden lull in the uproar when Mr. Minturn opened the door.

I heard the uproar of people behind the door and of the crowd in the street.

This time there could be no doubt as to whence the uproar came.

In the uproar forward, Madden heard the cries: "Th' dinghy's swamped!"

No one could say that this was true or false, in such an uproar; but where was Hugh?

And the uproar increased from an act of vigor on Madame Boche's part.

When the last battalions came in sight the uproar was deafening.