Fuss [noun]

Definition of Fuss:

disturbance, trouble

Synonyms of Fuss:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fuss:

Sentence/Example of Fuss:

Patrick Henry’s cheer situation highlights the pressure some parents have felt to keep their kids involved in youth sports during the pandemic – and to not raise a fuss or ask if they meet local health and safety orders.

If you’re looking for reliable reading aids without the fuss, consider these ultra classic picks.

Combined with its container that holds up to 17 spent capsules at a time, this machine is fine-tuned for maximum efficiency with minimal fuss.

If Gloria and Lawson-Remer both win, Ikhrata opponents on the board could raise a fuss, but couldn’t hope to defeat his plan.

In other words, despite the slew of advertisers that made a fuss about pulling their ads, Facebook’s ad business will continue to thrive — even as some of its biggest advertisers keep away.

I'm getting rather bored, you know, Georgie, with the fuss people make in town.

I knowed, a-course, that I could go kick up a fuss when Simpson stopped by his office on his trip back from Goldstone.

"Better stop making a fuss, first off," growled another masculine voice, and again Betty giggled nervously.

Sure, when you come to think of it, a king is no more than any other man, only for all the fuss that does be made about him.

I remember the fuss they made about it in the society papers—fulsome, sickenin' sort of hog-wash they wrote.