Objection [noun]

Definition of Objection:

argument, disagreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Objection:

Sentence/Example of Objection:

We think there can be no room for objection to any of the articles.

Nor is it any objection to her being so, that she is not in all respects a perfect character.

I made no objection, and was duly hired for the term of three years.

He would like to know what objection there was to Pennsylvanians representing Louisiana?

Then of course you would have no objection to my visiting a duchess in the small-pox?

We thought it very childish of him, but afterward we were glad we had not made any objection.

They evidently sympathized with their comrade's objection to the duties of a policeman.

In her weakness, Angelique heard all this without making any objection.

There was a short consultation, the hush of something wrong, and a murmur of an objection.

However, wise man in native ways, he said nothing and made no objection.