Disapprobation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disapprobation:

He did this to signalise his disapprobation of royalty, and his preference for democratic equality.

It was with great disapprobation that he heard Napoleon accept Caulaincourt's advice, and determine to advance to Moscow.

He had already observed here and there something of the disapprobation which had manifested itself in Sivert Jespersen's remark.

The first words of disapprobation and harsh criticism came from an unexpected quarter—from Laroche.

It met with the disapprobation ab initio of all men competent to form an opinion on Indian affairs.

A buzz of disapprobation was heard all over the house, and such words as these fell upon listening ears: 'An Abolition affair!

Arrival of Q. Caecilius and his disapprobation of the measures taken in regard to Sparta.

Nothing in the character of Burr had ever awakened so much disapprobation as his occasional sneers at religion.

This formula was, the historian tells us, received with a storm of disapprobation by the third order.

Some influential members of his own cabinet did not conceal their disapprobation of a step on which they had not been consulted.