Dissatisfaction [noun]

Definition of Dissatisfaction:

discontent, unhappiness

Opposite/Antonyms of Dissatisfaction:

Sentence/Example of Dissatisfaction:

Schumacher tweeted Wednesday her dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Council meeting.

The Palomar Community College District Board of Trustees has been under fire from staff, faculty and the school community for the district’s financial distress, dissatisfaction with former President Joi Lin Blake and more.

Family Health Centers CEO Fran Butler-Cohen made her dissatisfaction with the way the contract was handled clear long before notices were delivered Tuesday.

Epic Games’ lawsuit accusing Apple’s app store of monopolistic practices earlier this year meanwhile only highlighted the rising dissatisfaction among app developers with the platform and its fees.

But the principal characters would furnish their own costumes, and that is where Lily Pendleton began to lose her dissatisfaction.

For a short time his dissatisfaction with The Oprichnik filled him with such doubt of his powers that his spirits flagged.

The officer in charge has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with my slow progress in the work.

It may be argued again that dissatisfaction with our life's endeavour springs in some degree from dulness.

Dissatisfaction is expressed at the “little reasonable ordinances” of the Gilds but not against the companies themselves.

But the order which gave the greatest dissatisfaction was that each officer must carry his own tent.