Indisposition [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Indisposition:

He had a little pain in the axilla, and felt a slight indisposition for three or four hours.

Indeed it seemed to do more, for in half an hour after its application, the indisposition of the children ceased.

She accordingly promised to fix a day for me to see her; but a severe indisposition has hitherto confined her to her room.

Your silence gives me reason to hope that you have now dismissed your indisposition which had made me a little uneasy.

At present there is nothing that can be called evidence to connect Cranborne's sudden indisposition with current controversy.

The next day I pleaded indisposition and spent most of the hours idling and drowsing in my chamber.

His own countrymen have shown a decided indisposition to admit him among their household gods.

At first the duke denied his request, at one time alleging his absence, at another, indisposition.

Could it have been requisite with pure female dignity to plead any thing, or do more than look an indisposition to fulfil them?

I am sure you know I say this from no personal indisposition to them.