Unwillingness [noun]

Definition of Unwillingness:


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Sentence/Example of Unwillingness:

My unwillingness to be driven from her presence determined me to stay.

The doctor shook his head; he understood the captain's unwillingness.

“That accounts for his unwillingness to talk about Africa,” went on Susan.

He felt an unwillingness to close with her, to get it by force.

This is not in the least from unwillingness to allow freedom to others.

The slightest sign of hesitation or unwillingness was met with blows.

The commander watched them, on his face the blankness of unwillingness to believe.

If he had shown any unwillingness they would have pushed their way in.

There was therefore an unwillingness to commit his sayings to writing.

Be off, I tell ye,' he added as Tom showed an unwillingness to move. '