Slackness [noun]

Definition of Slackness:


Synonyms of Slackness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slackness:

Sentence/Example of Slackness:

I'll not have this levity and slackness, and talk about pictures and churches.

Was there a hint of slackness in the jaw of this good-looking boy?

All this I heard, and more than ever chafed at the slackness of our laggard steeds.

For this he had kept his body clean and his soul clean where all about him was sloth and slackness.

There is no forced inertness in Utopia, no slackness, no boredom, no yawning.

If they want story they may complain of slackness and deviations.

In spite of his slackness—in spite of his indolence—he could be relied on to keep his word.

She loves you as I do; she has been berating me for indifference and slackness in the cause.

I had long been under reproach for my slackness in this matter.

I am not afraid nor out of heart, nor is there any slackness in me.