Laxity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Laxity:

I think that there has been neglect and laxity in the matter of not driving out the Japanese.

He said very truly that long impunity had introduced universal laxity, and had made conspiracy the most attractive of occupations.

The general impression which such transactions leave is that extreme laxity prevailed in all departments.

There is no fault attached to any one for this seeming laxity.

In him no laxity inhered, no falling away from the strict tenets of shipshape neatness.

The slightest laxity with them—and he would have been involved in another and more serious suffocation.

In those days the world had oscillated, under higher leading than its royal laxity, to rigidity.

The school was honeycombed with holy spies who imputed it merit to report the laxity of others.

As a general rule, I think, educated Americans are more apt to err on the side of purism than of laxity.

We have not, perhaps, been so systematic as a regular tutor and pupil would have been, but we crave indulgence for some laxity.