Laxness [noun]

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Laxness in the care of one's room may mean the habit of laxness in other and more important ways.

Since coming to the Meiggs Plantation there had been a certain amount of laxness in regard to what the children did.

Indeed, their laxness was also much canvassed with us, and the more staid of the visitors openly enough expressed their censure.

The woman chose this time to receive her lover in her house and to make a shameless public parade of her moral laxness.

Her officers were men of spirit, but there seems to have been a fatal laxness in getting her ready for sea.

We must not mistake an evident laxness of religious observance as being synonomous with moral looseness.

Much that legitimately belonged to it, and much that did not in the laxness of the new code, he laid to the automobile.

All this was the result of laxness, of the sentimentality he condemned; a firmer hand was needed everywhere.

There were also accusations of laxness and fraud in the erecting and management of the public industrial plants.

I have seen much comment on the increase of sexual laxness in the Central European states, owing to the influence of the war.