Inadequacy [noun]

Definition of Inadequacy:

shortage, defect, inability

Opposite/Antonyms of Inadequacy:

Sentence/Example of Inadequacy:

This feeling of inadequacy meets its match when we foster confidence in our peers’ work and abilities.

The pandemic has highlighted the inadequacy of our existing tools for coping with these problems.

The prevailing fault of the modern Swell organ is, perhaps, the inadequacy of the Flute work.

These are the times that illustrate to a man the inadequacy of spoken language.

The cause for the inadequacy of the force left under his command, of which he often complains, is not apparent.

She broke off from sheer passionate inadequacy to express herself.

Examples of this inadequacy may be given from the printed extract.

But in "Hamlet" the inadequacy of the stage is of another kind.

If these arguments are held to prove the inadequacy of Dr. Durkheim's hypothesis, we may bring forward our own.

In addition to the inadequacy in the number of guns, the 15-pounders again proved themselves highly unsatisfactory.