Incompetency [noun]

Definition of Incompetency:


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Sentence/Example of Incompetency:

For several months he remained under a political cloud, charged with incompetency to quell the Philippine Rebellion.

Thus, to import insanity or incompetency to a professional man, or that a public official is dishonest and corrupt is actionable.

For thirty years it had been Mr. Breitmann's misfortune to fight incompetency in some shape or other.

To Devore's credit also I will say that he didn't run to the chief, bearing complaints of the major's hopeless incompetency.

It seems as if he might have discovered the alleged incompetency long ago.

I never heard of any of them being removed for incompetency, dereliction of duty or malfeasance.

In all this, the knowledge of Mr. Smith of the incompetency of Mr. Erskine's powers is not so much as intimated.

The attempt on Carlisle failed, through the incompetency of the officer in command.

A horrible sense of incompetency, the first that he had ever known in all his vivid, effective life, surged over him.

The one yielded no return, and the sum put in the other was lost through the incompetency of his honest but inexperienced friend.