Incapacity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Incapacity:

People will not fail to attribute it to the incapacity of the Ministers, and possibly to their malevolence.

But his known incapacity held him down to a secondary place.

Charges of incapacity, cruelty, brutal insolence, were hurled backward and forward.

Doubt arises ordinarily from laziness, weakness, indifference, or incapacity.

In none of their many sovereignties had the incapacity of the Bourbons been more completely demonstrated than in Spain.

Many a marvellous tale, many a scandalous anecdote, owes its origin to this incapacity.

That compact had done its mysterious work, in convincing man of his sinful incapacity to meet the will of God.

Whin I hear iv a man with gr-reat business capacity I know he's got an akel amount iv spending incapacity.

It is incapacity to imagine, still less to shape, the yet unknown.

Viewed in this light, this passage is a mere jeering at our incapacity.