Insufficiency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Insufficiency:

An increase is also noted in the uric-acid diathesis and in diseases accompanied by respiratory insufficiency.

The poverty of earlier days was the outcome of the insufficiency of human labor to meet the primal needs of human kind.

They too hastily confessed the insufficiency of arms and fortifications.

I believe that a few of the prisoners succumbed to disease and died because they had an insufficiency of nourishing food.

It was this insufficiency of rations which wrought the fatal dnouement of the glorious enterprise of Burke and Wills.

An insufficiency of the externi of previous existence, or an elastic preponderence of the interni may be considered.

The Greek fleet was practically non-existent, owing to the insufficiency of money wherewith to pay the crews.

A prominent vocalist goes so far as to say that "vocal insufficiency and decay are prevalent."

I tell you, Mr. Kennyfeck, that if it weren't for your foolish insufficiency Cashel would propose for Olivia.

My failure to get marks in the written examination had only been equalled by the insufficiency of my practical work.