Paucity [noun]

Definition of Paucity:

lack, scarcity

Synonyms of Paucity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paucity:

Sentence/Example of Paucity:

So they went bobbing about in a tub, and we, with a like paucity of equipment, essayed to follow them.

It seemed to her that never before had there been such a paucity of monarchists.

We can complain of no lack of plot or paucity of incidents in His Heart's Desire.

In spite of this paucity of clothing, there was not the least immodesty in their bearing.

For some reason or other there is a paucity of woodpeckers on the Nilgiris.

He, nevertheless, was not disconcerted by the paucity of information.

For why should he be amused at the paucity of the visitors from Argyll's court to the residence of Doom?

Again he learnt his lesson: if he took her it was a paucity which he was forced to despise.

Were they obliged from paucity of words to admit slaveholders into the Church?

But it was the paucity of men for the defence which oppressed me most.