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From 1949 to 1952, spanning the founding of the People’s Republic, the country suffered the worst famine in history.

Yet, there were districts that performed significantly better than others in terms of managing the pandemic and offering famine relief.

In their 1968 book The Population Bomb, biologists Paul Ehrlich and his wife Anne foretold a Malthusian future of famine and disease if humanity failed to control its growth.

Saving has been part of the DNA of two of the world’s oldest and largest societies — China and India — for centuries, in good measure because of the frequent crises such as famines, wars and social upheaval that they have endured.

As recounted in the books of Genesis and Exodus, Abraham’s grandson Jacob travels to Egypt for food in a time of famine.

In 1205 wheat was worth 12 pence per bushel, which was cheap, as there had been some years of famine previous thereto.

Only in the sensational moments of famine, flood or pestilence was a general social effort called forth.

Fordun says there was famine in Scotland this year, many being reduced 'to feed on the flesh of horses and other unclean cattle.'

But numbers overpowered them, and being weakened by famine, their city was forced, and the inmates seized as slaves.

Bruce presently came up with large reinforcements, but the castle held out tenaciously, and surrendered only to famine.