Destitution [noun]

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Many of those factories are in low-wage countries around Asia where workers may live on the brink of destitution.

The new forces controlled by mankind have been powerless as yet to remove want and destitution, hard work and social discontent.

Although bordering on the lowest state of destitution—and that is a remarkably low state in London!

From every rank in society they had gravitated—but all were stamped with the same brand—destitution!

All that was pitiable and miserable in the land, sunken alike by ignorance and destitution.

An interesting feature of this case is the vagueness of the term "in need of relief," instead of "destitution."

The Destitution Authority is bound to provide everything requisite (including the service in question) for its destitute clients.

If we wish to prevent the very occurrence of destitution, and effectively cure it when it occurs, we must look to its causes.

And this failure to get hold of the incipient case applies to all the various kinds of adverse influences that cause destitution.

This negatives the very idea of a Destitution Authority, whatsoever its designation or its policy.