Starvation [noun]

Definition of Starvation:


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Sentence/Example of Starvation:

But the short of it is, Henry found himself facing work or starvation.

Exclusion was to me starvation, and I eagerly adopted the counsel of my companion.

She saw it was reasonable: what fellowship can light have with darkness, or love with starvation?

It was pure kindness, for he would have died slowly otherwise of starvation.

Your costume may save us from starvation if we run short of cash.

My belief was that the only important thing that could happen to us would be starvation.

He was just in time to save them, literally, from starvation.

(With some starvation, the records say,) Our well-fed Independence!

Starvation and the revenge of angry Indians confronted them.

And he pointed to a horse that was dying of starvation, on the edge of what had once been a field of beets.