Malnutrition [noun]

Definition of Malnutrition:

poor nutrition

Synonyms of Malnutrition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Malnutrition:


Sentence/Example of Malnutrition:

According to her notes, she told the family Johnson’s prognosis was “poor” and they discussed what would be best for her in light of her “dementia, renal failure, respiratory failure, and malnutrition.”

Lillian wanted to do something to help curb malnutrition on a grander scale.

The occupants were all suffering from malnutrition, and there was a great deal of starvation in the town.

The half brute of the London slums had not food enough when a child, and malnutrition is deadly.

The underfed workman does not ask for a tonic, but for better economic conditions which shall prevent malnutrition.

However, they could have died from malnutrition and been eaten as carrion.

It is half what ails folks, that so many of them have no children in their lives and it affects them like malnutrition.

The rules laid down in the articles on "Malnutrition" must be closely followed in these children.

And it is now well known that this condition is associated with malnutrition and rickets in infancy and early girlhood.

Fully ripe grapes with but little acidity (water grapes) are best suited for persons suffering from anæmia and malnutrition.