Deprivation [noun]

Definition of Deprivation:

taking, keeping away; need

Synonyms of Deprivation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deprivation:

Sentence/Example of Deprivation:

To single out the effects of early hardship, Gunnar needed children who had started life in deprivation but then moved into healthy, supportive environments after infancy.

That finding offered a window into the effects of long-term parental deprivation on stress responses.

To study these effects, Gunnar needed children who had felt deprivation in infancy, then moved into healthy, supportive homes.

In fact, control rats managed to sleep about 70% as much as they normally would, suffering only mild sleep deprivation.

The first studies to investigate total sleep deprivation had a maniacal quality to them.

It is astonishing how deeply I felt this deprivation, and how much more horrible my solitude now appeared.

They could, besides, be judged from the standpoint of deprivation, comparing them to each other as if they contained some form.

By this one deprivation his contact with man had ruined him for the life of nature.

The only punishment suffered in these cases is the deprivation of the power of seeing fairies, or banishment from their society.

It would be hard to imagine any deprivation greater than that to which this misfortune condemned the explorers.