Dispossession [noun]

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All too often, Americans have mobilized the concept of the public good to dispossess Indigenous peoples of their land and water.

She added, “No amount of canned foods and reused items dropped from planes can make up for the US military occupying our island, dispossessing Chamorus from our land, and poisoning our water for their war games.”

For one thing, it would involve the dispossession of that year's baby.

Dispossession of one race by another was the common practice of the times, and in a moral point of view was little thought of.

In the explicit accounts which survive there is no word of any dispossession of the druidic priests.

They had been kind enough to see to that, those pitying professional colleagues who had witnessed his dispossession.

There is a dispossession notice to be served hereabouts; a trespasser who must be put off from property that is not his.

Short of the complete dispossession of the capitalist class which this implies there is no hope for the workers.

Charles V. confirmed the dispossession of his grandson, and recognized Cosmo instead of Alessandro's son.

The dispossession of the Hanseatics was naturally a work of time, but in course of years it became complete.