Hardship [noun]

Definition of Hardship:

personal burden

Opposite/Antonyms of Hardship:

Sentence/Example of Hardship:

Elkind and the AHA also cite emotional stress caused by economic hardship, and depression as the isolation of quarantining drags on.

For decades to follow, they are there for each other through all the hardships that accompany growing up and growing older, despite the radically different choices they make as adults.

There’s also a global pandemic where more families are experiencing financial hardship.

The agency surveyed all of California’s water utilities in November to get a clearer picture of the financial hardship utilities have on residents at a time when more people are jobless and quarantining at home.

Thanks for all the ways you are making our city a better place in this time of covid and other sadness and hardship.

Grosman married and had children after her return home, but her life was not free from hardship as she recovered from the tuberculosis that had a debilitating impact on her health.

Families experiencing economic hardship need relief that is both fast—the IRS can get money into most Americans’ bank accounts in a matter of days—and sustained.

Bad leadership, greed, and injustice and lies had led them into trouble, exile, and economic hardship.

Aside from the hardships of life, they’re dealing with other hardships because of who they are and that’s something that touched me and I know a lot of my friends are going to love that episode.

Of course, it’s not as easy as all that, though Herself focuses more on can-do spirit than it does on kitchen-sink hardship.