Labor [noun]

Definition of Labor:

work, undertaking

Synonyms of Labor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Labor:

Sentence/Example of Labor:

In just one week out of the last 23—dating all the way back to March—weekly jobless claims have come in above 1 million, adding to the carnage in the labor market.

Investigators found the ZIP code protocol was also on the books at Lovelace’s emergency department, in addition to its labor and delivery and perinatal care units.

One in every two Nigerians in the country’s labor force is either unemployed or underemployed.

Depending who you ask, though, these labor savings don’t quite carry over to cost savings for the final consumer.

They can be put to frequent use without requiring more paid labor hours, they are always compliant, and some can even provide the data to prove that they have scoured every inch assigned.

On crafting rules for labor brokers and referral agencies, she said she wanted to help individual interpreters and others who utilize such services while preventing those services from exploiting users by taking large cuts of their money.

The preparation of human tissue and its microstructural mapping, analysis, and data processing is incredibly labor-intensive, the authors lamented, making it impossible to do for the whole brain at high resolution in just one lab.

Limited by manufacturing, labor, and transportation challenges, current technologies have faced some stiff headwinds.

Immigrant kid, smart, got a good education, tried a few things in the labor force, including high-end lawyer, then some entrepreneurship, got involved with a company that was sold.

Larry Katz, one of the most well-regarded labor economists in the world, has admitted recently that we didn’t get it very right.