Struggle [noun]

Definition of Struggle:

hard try; fight to win

Synonyms of Struggle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Struggle:

Sentence/Example of Struggle:

I have never seen the soul withdrawn without a struggle with the body.

They are as animals grown in an environment that demands no struggle of them.

I was once a poor boy myself, obliged to struggle for my living.

The struggle to keep alive during the cold period was terrible.

Beginning of the struggle between Indo-Europeans and Semites.

He didn't see that she was perspiring, worn out by her struggle with the carpet.

My point is that whatever there may be to struggle with there is nothing to be afraid of.

Of the world as it is the outstanding fact is the necessity for struggle.

I have not meant to say that even with one's refuge in God there is nothing left to struggle with.

When great sorrows come it is because in the struggle we have not been successful.