Wrangle [noun]

Definition of Wrangle:

fight, argument

Synonyms of Wrangle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wrangle:

Sentence/Example of Wrangle:

Suppose she has to pay excess on her luggage, or to wrangle about contraband?

For this Testament do both creeds revere that wrangle over the later.

Then there was a wrangle among them; some said there was something in the vat, and others said no.

The wrangle with Winnie over this continued throughout the meal.

Yes, that's what wears on me—they wrangle about me as if I had no right to say what part I am to take.

It is but a gardener's wrangle—how best to guard roses from slugs.

But we can only conjecture dimly, and leave the controversialists to wrangle.

"Let us get to business," cried the priest, anxious to terminate the wrangle.

He is no base grater of his tythes, and will not wrangle for the odd egg.

You don't surely mean to say that you want to go and wrangle with Lalage?