Tiff [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tiff:

"Him would like to walk, him's legs is so 'tiff," said Baby.

Your aunt and I had a tiff the last time we met, and that was some months ago.

Then a tiff ensues, but it is mostly made up of menacing screeches.

We had a tiff, and he went off to Monte, all on his little lone.

You remind me more and more every day, Tiff, of that dear delightful old Baden-Baden.

The fact is, the cousins had had a tiff, and Eve had left the house that moment.

Her ladyship is in a bit of a tiff—oh, not much; she'll be herself by this evening.

The occasion of this—their first—tiff was small, but by no means insignificant.

You haven't had a tiff with him about anything, have you, Isobel?

There was nothing they enjoyed so much as a tiff between Bill and their pilot.