Sulk [verb]

Definition of Sulk:


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Sentence/Example of Sulk:

I ain't hired him to loaf 'round all day with Ruby and to sulk when she's gone.

Sometimes, however, the case is worse, and Evu tries to sulk.

He did not sulk in his tent, however, but pursued his work with unabated zeal.

When I got home Rose came by herself to attend on me, but she continued to sulk.

I hope I did not do anything so boyish as to sulk there, but of that I am not sure.

No, but I will not encourage your whims; you chose to sulk, it was no fault of mine.

I was determined to sulk, and should have been glad to have something to sulk at.

Because they had been interfered with, I had done nothing but sulk.

When I entered he was not pleased to see me—in fact, he showed a disposition to sulk.

And I'm tired of hearing you sulk at Corrie and Gerard because they've got the sense to say no.