Grin [verb]

Definition of Grin:

smile widely

Synonyms of Grin:





Opposite/Antonyms of Grin:


Sentence/Example of Grin:

Out of disguise, the masked outlaw who duels with a grin and woos with ardor, morphs into blasé upper-cruster Don Diego Vega, who suffers from overrefinement and chronic fatigue.

Otherwise, I could watch the bonhomie—lots of backslapping and broad grins, like the first day of summer camp—from a distance.

All modern crocodilians are long, scaly animals with stumpy legs and toothy grins.

When they close their mouths, they still have a toothy grin — their bottom teeth stick out and up.

O’Neal participates, sideways grin glued to his face, knowing he can’t possibly win.

This gave the house a very cheerful appearance, as if it were constantly on a broad grin.

That embrace, that grin and that heart-born exclamation marked the entrance of the Pulsifer family into my life.

But he watched Grandfather Mole narrowly, with a grin on his face, to see what the old chap would do.

When Tom Brown awoke, late in the day, he found Mafuta sitting at his feet with a broad grin on his dusky countenance.

I should say, replied Master Bates, with a grin, that he was uncommon sweet upon Betsy.