Spat [noun]

Definition of Spat:

dispute, quarrel

Synonyms of Spat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spat:

Sentence/Example of Spat:

Roland spat out a mouthful of dust and swore beneath his breath.

Do you think that if I spat upon him, I could degrade him to a lower level than his own?

At first I only felt bad between the shoulders and spat up some froth.

"They cost seven and six," he muttered, regarding the one spat wistfully.

Her words evidently annoyed him and he frowned angrily and spat.

He darted his head forward and spat in the heavy face so close to his own.

It was she whom they had hissed like that; it was on herself that they had spat.

He spat two or three times into the water, with an expression of contemptuous anger.

Then deliberately and after the fashion of the Muslim he was become he spat upon it.

Nor was it until somebody hawked and spat that the spell was broken.