Bickering [verb]

Definition of Bickering:

nastily argue

Synonyms of Bickering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bickering:

Sentence/Example of Bickering:

The bickering might have gone on the rest of the evening except that Barbara Sutton told them they were both being very foolish.

There was haggling and bickering until a price of sixty was agreed upon, and Mr. McCann's heart expanded with satisfaction.

There was nothing to distract him from the sordidness of the bickering household in George Street.

"I saw you as I was coming away from Kendrick's last night," he began, with a bickering rasp in his voice.

Einstein was the only thinker in a century gone mad from bickering.

From this point on there is constant bickering and struggle until the coming of the English.

He shot into a tree-top full of bickering blackbirds and brought three down, torn, flopping, bleeding.

The broad Firth was ever ebbing and flowing with the restless sea, and the burns bickering down the glens.

"Seems to me we've got this young Sherwood hooked," said Old Jimmie, who had been impatient during this unprofitable bickering.

But adventure was to be had in greater variety by dropping seaward with the bickering brown water.