Spar [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Spar:

You just spar with yourself and get limbered up, while I put some wood on the fire.

The man was placed horizontally on a base board beneath the spar.

Every man and spar and oar on the vessel seemed burning in its light.

The sheet is led aft to a spar that projects beyond the counter.

When she appeared he caught her in his arms as if she were a spar and he a drowning sailor.

There was but the length of a spar between us, and yet it was enough!

And scarcely that span of the length of a spar had parted us from him when he sank!

The spar in all this cave is very brilliant, and almost equal to Bristol stone.

One uses Iceland spar under colossal pressures, that is all.

We gave him a rope to lash him to his spar, and lost sight of him.