Argue [verb]

Definition of Argue:

verbally fight

Opposite/Antonyms of Argue:

Sentence/Example of Argue:

"But I can't stop to argue about it now;" and, saying this, he turned into a side path, and disappeared in the wood.

This seemed entirely unnecessary to mine host, and he wanted to argue the point.

When people argue in this strain, I immediately assume the offensive.

But she knew it was useless to argue with Henry, so she hastily groped in the bag for the matches and handed them to her brother.

It would argue too much literary conceit on my part were I anxious to restore it to the light of day.

No one can argue that this useless and, to some extent, injurious condition is a designed result of creation.

There was no converting a man who would not argue or reason, who based everything on flat refusal.

It is about the same thought and the same word those people argue; and yet they are all critics, or pass for such.

They were all talking at once and at first their voices were low but then they started to argue and Frey got in on it.

So you see it is useless for you to argue, Virginia added, as Jim opened his mouth to protest.