Overlook [verb]

Definition of Overlook:

disregard, neglect

Synonyms of Overlook:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overlook:

Sentence/Example of Overlook:

Our friend will overlook the matter if you do but say that you have acted in heat and haste.

You might overlook the most important part of my paraphernalia; and really I am not damaged.

It'll be an advantage if she is Irish, but I'll overlook it if she isn't.

From the hill, we could overlook the river, and the adjacent country.

He would prize the jewel, and overlook the inferiority of the casket.

We do not indeed justify her faults, but let us not overlook our own.

Being so considerate as to visit me, I hope you will be likewise so considerate as to overlook that.

I do nothing but beg and pray you to be comforted and overlook it.

But they are so eager that they overlook the need of literary discipline.

She was too good a woman to overlook his sin, or to allow anyone else to overlook it.