Omit [verb]

Definition of Omit:

exclude, forget

Synonyms of Omit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Omit:

Sentence/Example of Omit:

When hare soup is made in this last manner, omit using the blood.

But if brought to table in bottles, the company can use it or omit it as they please.

I must not omit to notice the heating stones, or “pot-boilers.”

The meeting in the chapter-house we must not omit to describe.

You will allow me to omit all description of land and people in Egypt and its dependencies.

Why did you give evidence at the inquest and omit all mention of me?

It is disgraceful to omit them; but it is no very great credit to observe them.

In a day or two you will find out which articles to read and which to omit.

At this hour, he was in dread lest he should omit to be prudent.

There was a peculiarity in the village of Muirden which I must not omit to notice.