Delete [verb]

Definition of Delete:

erase, remove

Synonyms of Delete:

Opposite/Antonyms of Delete:

Sentence/Example of Delete:

The Lincoln Project did not immediately respond to a message from The Washington Post seeking comment about the deleted tweets as of early Friday.

So it has also ordered the police to take steps to ensure Clearview deletes the data.

They make mistakes, like accidentally inserting one nucleotide for another, deleting one, or doubling another.

The post has since been deleted, but not before fans captured the moment and shared it widely.

Often material will remain in the company’s servers even if it has been deleted off their sites.

In terms of user data privacy, Amazon hasn’t been careful either — for example, by continuing to store Alexa voice data even when users deleted audio files.

Williams’s defense argued that she deleted social media accounts not to hide evidence but because the ex-boyfriend had started sending messages under her name.

The other amendment should delete the section of the current proposal that would provide a way for the platforms to make unacceptable backroom deals and special operational arrangements with the city without public scrutiny.

Relying on interviews and documents, Will Huntsberry and Jesse Marx report that the district in 2019 devised a way to permanently delete sensitive emails from its server and held training sessions with top-level staff.

Technology personnel trained top-level district officials on a three-step procedure to permanently delete sensitive emails from the district server, an official who took part in the training told Voice of San Diego.