Squash [verb]

Definition of Squash:


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Sentence/Example of Squash:

Under his squash hat his hair is rather plentiful and rather grey.

And they've et up all the summer squash and all the cream-pie.

One day I cooked a squash, putting the parings in a swill pail.

I guess it must be squash, for he likes mam-ma's squash pies so much.

Cranberry sauce an' roast potatoes, an' squash to go with him.

He's got a map about as full of expression as the south side of a squash, Nimms.

The recipe for squash can be used at this time or in some other lesson.

Ah, Captain Frewen, there is nothing like buckshot or slogs to squash a mutiny.

The "fiddler," still in his fur-lined coat, was twisting a squash hat in his hands.

I've got everything ready; they'll have to believe me and squash his sentence.