Pulp [adjective]

Definition of Pulp:

cheap, vulgar, especially regarding reading material

Synonyms of Pulp:

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Sentence/Example of Pulp:

The deck of the smack below promised to mash the American into a pulp.

To-night he said 'I guess I've got you beaten to a pulp,' when I fancy he wasn't guessing at all.

We could never make it—before we got to the top we'd be cooked to a pulp.

Heat the pulp with three parts of the soup, mix six yolks of eggs with the remainder of it, and thicken it over the fire.

When cold, mix the pulp of the apple with sugar and lemon peel shred fine, taking as little as possible of the apple juice.

He could have smashed Norris to a pulp, and none knew it better than the Navigator.

The pulp is sweet and juicy but is lacking in sprightliness.

It appeared to have been made from a fiber rather than a pulp.

It seemed as if his brain had been beaten with sticks; beaten to a pulp.

On any other horse the hunchback would have been crushed to pulp.