Encourage [verb]

Definition of Encourage:

stimulate spiritually

Synonyms of Encourage:

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Sentence/Example of Encourage:

In addition to mitigating AI harms, the goal of the principles is to encourage the development of AI systems that could improve children’s growth and well-being.

Those who live off campus but may need to come to campus are encouraged to go to a health clinic for free testing if they show any symptoms.

Group culture, too, can encourage certain types of content — including content that violates Facebook’s rules — and admins are often willing participants in that.

Staff offices would remain open, Schutzenhofer said, but employees were encouraged to work from home.

Those industries are doing what they can to encourage people to spend like they might have without a pandemic.

The president has also suggested that if Americans vote by mail, they should also attempt to vote in person, prompting criticism that he was encouraging the public to illegally vote twice.

Registration is $30 and participants are encouraged to run anywhere they feel safe.

Voting warsThird-party candidates lost a string of legal challenges over the past week, encouraging Democrats who saw them as threats to winning some key states — something Republicans didn't really dispute, as they helped the challengers.

Employees can — and are encouraged to — call some pretty big shots on their own.

Masks are still required and seating is limited so reservations are encouraged.