Dispirit [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Dispirit:

He cannot hope to defeat Tesse, but he may wear out and dispirit his men by constant attacks.

William, like a wise general as he was, took care that the news of his accident should not dispirit his men.

Like most energetic women, a first failure did not daunt or dispirit her, it only roused her energies the more vigorously.

Fitzosborne urged the duke not to allow such events to depress or dispirit him.

Everything to dispirit; but my invalids are really on the mend.

More than fifty men, all of Marion's, were killed or wounded in this affair, but the loss did not dispirit the survivors.

But not for long—Glory never allowed “making up” to dispirit her unduly.

The fate of Hidalgo did not dispirit the chiefs of the patriot cause.

It was no business of the chaplain to discourage and dispirit men in a moment of danger, and a court was formed to sit upon him.

If we are determined to deny these people common justice, we dispirit them.