Hearten [verb]

Definition of Hearten:

raise someone's spirits

Synonyms of Hearten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hearten:

Sentence/Example of Hearten:

Andy Green rolled over and sent him a friendly glance just to hearten him a bit.

I cried, to hearten me—for we were both counting the days now between us and the fishing.

I could not hear what he said, but the men began to count off, and their voices were resolute enough to hearten all.

Then it was that Isaac's nonsense really served to hearten us.

The way was led by the clergy, and quickly a church was built to hearten the emigrants.

Kruger and Steyn also, who had come up to hearten their followers, got away.

I believe Hiram did more to hearten and help us, than did the knowledge of all that depended on this labor of our hands.

And she had got him half a quarte'n of whisky to hearten him up as he came away this morning.

Whenever his conscience pricked him too keenly he would endeavor to hearten himself with his pet phrase, "All in a lifetime."

Manuel paused here, and drank of the sweet heather-wine as though he had need to hearten himself.