Steel [verb]

Definition of Steel:

prepare oneself

Synonyms of Steel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Steel:

Sentence/Example of Steel:

Her struggles met only the unbending, pitiless resistance of steel.

The doctor there speaks of 'our steel pens,' as if they were not at all uncommon.

The man said he was going to get the strips rolled to make into steel pens.

A helmet fell from his hands on the floor with a ring of steel.

"Aye, it is the steel head-piece of the watchman," remarked the archer.

From sea to sea there was stringing of bows in the cottage and clang of steel in the castle.

The "thanks" clipped like a steel trap, and the business was completed.

There was no pleasure in watching their clever manipulation of the little, steel hook.

His trusty sword, in its steel scabbard, strikes clanking on the doorstep.

A steel trap is real firm when it lays hold and tries to be.