Inspirit [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Inspirit:

She was beside the tray to welcome and inspirit his eating, and she performed the busy butler's duty in pouring out wine for him.

So far, everything had occurred to inspirit the Union troops and discourage the enemy.

But mostly she let the rustle of the breathing land inspirit her while she thought of Mr. Julius Edward Schwirtz.

For the first time in his recollection the confidence which was wont to inspirit him gave way to an attack of sullen discontent.

The Son of Thunder had found his function, which was nothing less than to inspirit the Reconquest.

Lazy people without talent I cannot undertake to inspirit, to teach, and to cultivate.

I know you will be a little down-hearted after going through this struggle; but I will endeavour to inspirit you.

And nothing can inspirit one more gloriously—one's heart leaps as if one were in the very heavens.

The arrival of the letter from Lechworthy did nothing to inspirit him.

He thought of this frequently, and allowed the thought to inspirit him.