Reassure [verb]

Definition of Reassure:

restore confidence to

Synonyms of Reassure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reassure:

Sentence/Example of Reassure:

She said this calmly and quietly, as though to impress her informant and reassure him.

Next day brought a note from the detective which went far to reassure her.

The two women thought she was going mad and tried to reassure her.

One careless sniff had satisfied his mate, and she trotted on to reassure him.

Happily the doctor in his youth had been in the East and was able to reassure her.

You do not need to reassure me that you will not kiss me, Signor.

“Gee, but I——” And he looked down at his own clothes as though to reassure himself.

If her friends are anxious about her she can reassure them for herself, and no doubt she has already done so.

Bentley would have spoken to reassure them, but Tyler signaled him to keep silent.

Diana poured wine for her and urged her to drink; she sought to comfort and reassure her.