Convince [verb]

Definition of Convince:

gain the confidence of

Synonyms of Convince:

Opposite/Antonyms of Convince:

Sentence/Example of Convince:

The deal intends to shift TikTok’s cloud business to Oracle, which nevertheless doesn’t yet seem to have convinced the caudillo that a non-ownership deal is a good idea.

We got a glimpse Wednesday of just how dependent the president is on convincing Americans a vaccine is coming to end this pandemic in months.

So I’m willing to work with any leader that comes close to that, who will sit down and listen to me and be open to being convinced that that is where we are right now with the issues.

For most people in the study, the only thing that changed in their lives was that some random researchers tried to convince them to do something new.

Thomas Courtney teaches fifth grade at Chollas-Mead Elementary, where his public school’s customer service convinced him to bring his daughter Onora, who is thriving academically and socially.

“What we’ve seen historically is that incumbents running for reelection try to convince people that things are good,” says Jeffrey Jones, a senior editor and researcher at Gallup, the venerable polling company.

Political campaigns have long believed that direct voter contact and personalized messaging are effective tools to convince people to vote for a particular candidate.

But, with many customers buying some types products online for the first time during the pandemic, DTC startups have a unique opportunity to convince those first-time customers to stick with e-commerce.

It took me quite a few months to convince somebody to put some money into it.

Montrose has also formed a regional collaboration with nearby towns like Ouray in an attempt to convince residents to travel locally and inject outside dollars into small towns.