Persuade [verb]

Definition of Persuade:

cause to believe; convince to do

Opposite/Antonyms of Persuade:

Sentence/Example of Persuade:

John had been under her dominion, and proceeded to persuade her.

This touches me the more sensibly, because you yourself, my dear, are so ready to persuade me into it.

She must either answer her questions or persuade her not to ask any.

But that was after he done his best to persuade me, and I wouldn't be persuaded.

It was impossible to persuade Wellington that he was beaten until he actually was beaten.

They are trying to persuade me to go back, and—I'm trying to persuade myself that I'm fit to go back.

We should heartily wish them to remain, and persuade them to do so.

I wonder, now, could we persuade Matthew to send in his resignation.

It is our business to reach M'tela and persuade him to fight on the side of the Inglishee.

The Indians gravely shook their heads when I tried to persuade them to take me.